The Best Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

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Back in the month of March, when the menace of the Covid-19 virus forced entire countries into a state of lockdown, few could have envisioned the large spate of disruptions that were subsequently set into motion. Not only did the virus put a halt to our social transactions, but also plagued our economical activities by large. Consequently, as many companies went out of businesses overnight and thousands of employees found themselves unemployed, the ones that remained, resorted to every mean possible to keep themselves floating and relevant in these trying times.

Rise of Digital Marketing:

Subsequently, a large chunk of these companies was driven to take the refugee of digital marketing and advertising to enhance their visibility during this crisis. Even though conventional forms of advertising such as print advertising and billboard advertising became increasingly invalid, the world of digital marketing continued to grow by leaps and bounds. At a time when all sorts of movements were restricted, and operations limited, the only commodity that enjoyed free flowing access was the internet and the world wide web. 

Although the past year was full of uncertainties and unprecedented events, the avenues of social media and digital marketing allowed brands and businesses to interact with their audience in ways that were previously unheard of. With the world at large having adapted itself to the whims and fancies of the new normal, a few of these trends are all set to dictate the terms of the upcoming year as well. Here are a few digital marketing trends that you should look out for in the year 2021.

Increase in Live-Streams and Influencer Content:     

The fact that influencers are invaluable to a brand’s marketing and advertising campaigns can be vouched by every other top social media marketing agency in Canada. The roles that brand ambassadors used to play for businesses in the time of traditional and conventional advertising have now been taken up by social media influencers in this digital age. With events getting cancelled all across the globe, courtesy the lockdown, the occurrence of live-streams witnessed a meteoric rise. 

Helmed by influencers, these live-streams not only had a human touch to them but were also successful in gathering the same level of hype and buzz that is normally generated at in-person events. While live viewings on popular social media platform Instagram rose by 70%, those on Facebook increased by 50% during the times of lockdown. Even though in-person events have now started to commence in limited capacities and vaccination is around the corner, the trend of live-streams and the active consumption of influencer content is well expected to hold its momentum in the present year.

Purpose-driven Campaigns by Brands:

Over the course of the last year as brands started interacting and engaging more and more with their target audience, the number of purpose-driven campaigns that were launched by them witnessed a significant uptick.

 The smartest brands out there realised that order to fit into the social media lives of their customers, they not only needed to come up with creative campaigns spark a conversation but also ensure that this dialogue revolved exclusively around their consumers. This is where purpose-driven campaigns came to the rescue. Besides allowing the brand to establish a transparent channel of communication with their customers, it also lets them gain crucial insights about them.

Greater Emphasis on User Generated Content (UGC):

Generating content from their user base and devising campaigns to facilitate the same was one particular trend that was consistent across all the global brands out there in the previous year. Besides delivering an enhanced customer experience, this attitude let the brands appear mor personable and genuine to their users. 

Consequently, they were successful in amassing a customer base that was not only loyal to their line of products and services, but also one that generated exceptional levels of word-of-mouth marketing for them.

Focus on Sustainability:

With an increasing number of brands advocating the need for building a sustainable future in the past few years, the trend has also managed to seep its way into the realm of digital marketing as well. 

With the help of purpose-driven campaigns, more and more brands these days are actively committed towards educating their users and making them conscious about their environment and their surroundings. Subsequently, they are also focused on coming up with products and commodities that stand increasingly aligned with these set of goals and objectives. 

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