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There is no doubt about the fact that today people spend more time online than anywhere else,
and the numbers are still increasing. And due to this increase of internet usage, a lot has
changed regarding the way people buy and shop for things.
If you are involved in any business, you must have definitely heard of the term “digital
marketing”, and when we tell you doing digital marketing right is a total game changer, we are
not even exaggerating. Offline marketing is no more as effective as it was before and every
business is switching to smart digital marketing strategies. How to find the best digital
marketing in Canada/Ottawa or for any other region for that matter?
Before knowing about choosing the best digital marketing agency, let us go a little over the

What exactly is digital marketing?
The primary goal of any business is to attract more clients and increase their sales. And the
right type of marketing can help you achieve that. What better way than targeting customers via
the medium they use the most?
We have really stepped hard into the digital era, especially after the covid-19 pandemic. That is
the reason why businesses are transitioning to the digital model to survive.
Digital marketing is the kind of marketing which uses electronic devices and online platforms to
promote their products to the masses. It can be of many forms like online videos, social media
posts, etc and uses a wide variety of tools to do so.
A brand may choose to promote their products on multiple platforms or they might put all their
efforts on a single platform. Choosing the platform depends on whether their potential
customers are using it and how often they use it.
However, digital marketing is a broad concept and it needs thorough research if you want to
come up with strategies which will actually work. This is the reason why digital marketing

Agencies are coming up today to help you achieve more sales by leveraging multiple marketing

Why is digital marketing considered so important today?
The competition is quite fierce out there and if you want to survive and move ahead in the
game, you will need the best strategies which will attract potential customers and convert them
to leads. You need to show your potential customers why they should choose you instead of
your competitors and what makes you special. It’s about creating awareness for your brand and
reaching out to people using different mediums.
And digital marketing has proven itself to be quite vital when it comes to promoting businesses.
It helps to showcase your social media presence and now it has become so common that
consumers expect and even kind of rely on it to know about any business.
There are so many options to try out and so many strategies which will let you be creative and
experiment with a variety of marketing techniques. And you know what’s even better? Digital
marketing also lets you measure your results so you know exactly which strategies are working
out for you and which aren’t.

The major types of digital marketing you should know about.
Another reason why digital marketing has become one of the most essential components in
marketing strategies of an organization is because there are multiple channels and forms to try
out depending on the type of customers you are trying to reach out to. Here are some of the
major types of digital marketing that you should know about (if you don’t already!).
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
If you haven’t heard of this term yet, you are literally living under a rock. Just kidding! But trying
out efficient SEO strategies will definitely increase the search engine traffic to your business
website. However, SEO ranking depends on a lot of factors like avoiding plagiarism, using high
ranking keywords, original content, good backlinks, content indexing, and so much more. You
will have to research quite a lot but improving the SEO of your website will increase its ranking,
which will in turn increase traffic to your website.

Social media marketing.
This is another extremely important form of digital marketing. Today most people spend a lot of
time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media marketing is
not just about creating posts. You have to be consistent and try to interact with people so that
your name is known. Analytics is also very important because it will tell you how your posts are
performing and give you ideas about further strategy creation.
When we talk about choosing the best agency for Facebook marketing/Instagram
marketing/LinkedIn marketing Ottawa /Canada, make sure they have experience in this
department and can produce results.

Content marketing.
This form generally involves creation and promotion of content to promote brand awareness and
for traffic growth. It can be done through blog posts, ebooks, infographics, etc but make the best
use of the opportunities in every channel so that it can result in lead generation.
Pay per click (PPC).
PPC lets you drive potential customers to your website by paying a publisher every time
someone clicks your ad. Google ads is one of the most common examples of PPC. However
you can also opt for paid ads on Facebook, sponsored messages on LinkedIn, Twitter ad
campaigns, and so on.
Affiliate marketing.
It is a type of performance based promotion where whenever you promote someone else’s
products on your website, you will receive a commission.

There are lots of other digital marketing strategies to explore like email marketing, native
advertising, online PR, sponsored content, inbound marketing, etc. You can always research
more about them.

How to choose the best digital marketing agency for you?
Selecting the best SEO agency in Ottawa/Canada is in no way an easy task but it is not
impossible at the same time. Many businesses choose a digital marketing agency because
marketing trends keep on changing and it is very tough for businesses to take care of their sales
while figuring out the latest trends in marketing to invest in.
Trying to become a jack-of-all-trades is not really a good idea and that is the reason why getting
someone to handle this department for you can prove to be extremely beneficial.
But choosing a digital agency in Ottawa or SEO agency in Ottawa Eastern or literally
anywhere else is a decision that you need to take after proper thinking and research. But just in
case you are confused, here are a few factors you can consider while making your choice.
● What does your company need?
This question will help you out a lot during the initial stage of searching for the best digital
marketing firms. You need to ask yourself what you want to achieve with an agency- whether
you want a web developer at Ottawa Canada or maybe someone who can do the best web
design in Ottawa Canada or maybe someone who is known for best lead generation in
Ottawa/ Canada. Once you are sure about the requirements of your company, it will help you to
narrow down the options and select the best agency which suits your needs.
● How much are you willing to spend?
Budget is another extremely important factor which you need to consider. If a digital marketing
package is not relevant according to your requirements, there is no point in spending a huge
amount of money on it. There is no surprise but a decent marketer should have the capacity to
work with any reasonable budget.
● What work has the agency done previously?
Before selecting the perfect digital marketing agency for your business, make sure to do proper
background research so that you are sure that they practice what they say. Looking at the work
they have done previously will give you an idea about how they perform and whether they are
the right fit for you. For example, if you are looking for an agency to help you out with email

marketing in Ottawa/Canada, you need to be hundred percent sure that they have experience
in this zone and are capable of doing the services you want them to.
● Ask around for recommendations.
This is another great way to know whether a particular digital marketing company is the best
choice for your business. You can ask your friends and family for recommendations or even get
in touch with your professional contacts on LinkedIn.
● Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
You do not want to have any doubt before hiring them, so don’t back down from asking any
queries you might have in mind. Definitely E-commerce market is rising today, so ask them if
they have experience in building strategies for that category if E-Commerce is your business
niche. Discuss about their charges, the services they provide, measurement of results and
everything else you have in your mind.

By now, you might already have an idea about how important digital marketing is for your
business and how it can change the entire game if you develop proper strategies. Research on
the basics and be precise about what your business is lacking. And if you feel that you will not
be able to handle the marketing campaigns, hiring an agency will be the best choice to take
care of the department.
Choosing the right agency can help you earn a high amount of revenue and generate leads. So
make sure to focus your time on making the right choice so that it is worth your investment and
Good luck!

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